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Sheridan Kay Quilting

 Tutorials and Videos

For our list of tutorials and Videos  Click Here or visit our YouTube channel to see all videos

Classes & Events

Club Meetings! We are so excited.

APQS Longarm Club meets on the even months for sharing and socializing. 10:00 - 12:00   Registration is required. 
Call 828-595-2296  Next meeting is 12/14/21. This is open to owners and guests but everyone must register prior to attending.

Intelliquilter Club meets on the even months. Owners and those interested in learning about IQ are invited to attend after registering.
Call 828-595-2296.We are hosting this club from 1:30 - 3:30 on 12/14/21. Bring a gift that you will exchange. Call for info!


Intelliquilter Classes (for owners)  Contact Sheridan 828-808-0065       
Payment is due when registering and will be refunded if the class is canceled.

There are two options for classes.

We offer Mentoring Classes to build your confidence and continue your growth with IQ. This class is taught with one or two attendees. Small class and personalized instructions. Other studio activities will be in progress while your class is in session.

We also offer Group Classes
Classes may be offered at our studio or at retreat facilities around the Eastern US. We travel to teach where other IQ Teachers are not available. If you are interested in hosting a class, contact Sheridan to discuss your ideas. Private group classes may also be taught at your studio.

Intelliquilter easily attaches to Gammill, Innova, Handiquilter, Nolting, A-1 and all major longarms.

IQ Group Class       Check back in 2022
Bring your tablet and power cord to the class. 
Cancellation policy : The class fee is refunded if the class is cancelled. Space is limited to 6 students.  Fee per attendee $500.00 Three day session includes all classes! Payment cannot be refunded due to the dedication required for this time to be reserved.

Day 1 (Lunch break 12-1)

Beginning Panto with Intelliquilter is a fantastic introductory class that will get you comfortable with your new IQ .  75.00 fee. 9:00 - 12:00
We begin with the basics including maintaining your IQ. Understanding maintenance allows you fewer interruptions.  I'll walk you through to success with pantographs while at the machine. Preparing your machine, basting the quilt and choosing great designs will be addressed. We will also cover advancing the quilt, starting after a stop, adjusting the outside edges, realigning and saving your work so you can begin again later.

Panto Plus goes beyond the basic panto class and is used to elevate the style and appearance of your quilts. It doesn't require a huge time commitment! Hone your skills and learn techniques that set you apart.  Learn ways to fit a design inside the borders to the interior of the quilt and choose a different design for the border. This adds sparkle and interest, so let's add stitch in the ditch, border to border designs and more! 75.00  1:00 - 4:30

Day 2 (Lunch break 12 - 1)

Beginning Custom with Intelliquilter will take you to the next level!  75.00 fee. 9:00 - 12:00 Learn to set up blocks, sashings and borders. Explore different ways to complete a custom quilt while staying within the beginning skill level. We will tackle a challenge you are sure to encounter... what to do with block of the month quilts and sampler quilts. We will cover stabilizing and how to deal with the fabric shrinkage. Let's use our editing functions to make the quilts look great even if the piecing isn't!

Borders and how to deal with fullness, designs that work hard and how to choose the best design for the desired outcome. Line patterns, pantographs and block patterns can be used for borders. How do you choose?
We will also continue through our list of questions that each student has submitted prior to the class. Make this class meet your needs! 75.00 fee. 1:00 - 4:00

Day 3 (Lunch break 12 - 1)

Intermediate Custom with Intelliquilter will take you into advanced techniques such as split, smooth and stretch. We will choose a design and alter it for use in several areas. You will learn how to use line pattern and path pattern to design advanced blocks and border treatments. This class will enable you to look at a quilt, form a plan and put it into action!  75.00 fee. 9:00 - 12:00

Custom Quilting with Intelliquilter will allow you to stitch in the ditch to define, choose no sew zones to isolate and clipping blocks to trim an area to perfection. Find the patterns that make your workload lighter. We will also cover the "oops" moments that are surely to occur.
Hands on classes are the best way to learn!  Ask your questions and understand the answers by seeing and doing. 75.00 fee.  1:00 - 4:30

More IQ Classes for Specific Knowledge
Coming in 2022!!!
I have custom designed panels for each of the topics, The panel will be included in the class fee and we will have live sessions through Zoom. Your class will also include videos that you will have access to! The great news is there's no travel for these classes and each will be a specific topic that you are looking for. Don't forget the personal attention!
Borders? Yes!
Edge to edge? Yes!
Semi Custom? Yes!
Custom? Yes!
What about no sew zones on large quilts? Yes!
This is only the beginning!

APQS Studio Classes

APQS Beginner's Training is included with the purchase of a machine and is open to anyone who would like to learn more about longarm quilting.

If you own an APQS and would like to attend this class, contact me to be added to the group. This class is included with the purchase of a machine and is a 200.00 value.  This is a full day of training so bring all your questions! Registration required. 

Long arm Mentoring Class  295.00 fee. This is a six hour class in which you will learn basic longarm instructions and advance through the course with dedication to learning.  Limited number of openings per year. This isn't a one time dedication, this is an extended learning program for individuals who are dedicated to advancing their longarm journey. Call to schedule an interview with Sheridan. 828-595-2296

Renter Certification Class

Current Certified Renters are invited to advance their skills with continuing education. We currently are not accepting new renters.

Intelliquilter Classes (for Certified Longarm Quilters). IQ Rental Class for beginners. Personal classes are currently being scheduled by appointment only. Please contact Sheridan.
#1 Panto Primer, 49.00 fee.

This class is a Step by step instruction for using Intelliquilter as an add on to the machine rental program. This is a great way to experience IQ prior to purchasing AND you benefit from having instructors close at hand to answer questions that may arise.
Prerequisite: You must have taken the Renter's Certification Class and be comfortable quilting on our APQS Machines. This IQ Instructional class will be taught in a small group setting and will include a demo at the machine by staff.
#2 Building Blocks, 49.00 fee.
Intelliquilter classes are best taken in sequence.
#3 Line Pattern, 49.00 fee.

Free Motion for beginners.  Doodling is a great way to increase your free motion quilting skills and it's so much fun! First we will doodle on paper with designs provided for you to trace/copy and then we will doodle on the longarm. It's fun, relaxing and addictive. Renter's Certification is required. The techniques taught in this class are easy and can be accomplished by a beginner. 10:00 - 12:00, Fee includes supplies and longarm. You will share a machine for this class so bring a friend or make a new one! You will need a three ring binder and page protectors to allow for practice when not at the machine. 50.00 fee.

Intermediate Free Motion. Increase your free motion skills by adding new moves to what you learned in the previous class. Hit the target and bounce off to create different effects that take your quilt to the next level!? Introducing grid work and target practice. 1:00 - 4:30, Supplies sold separately. 100.00 fee

Custom Quilting following a map. Not sure where to go? Ask yourself some important questions before you place a stitch. Custom quilting may take more planning than the edge to edge quilt but it's worth the extra work. Let's take the road to custom in a full day class 10-5 . 25.00 pattern required and will be used by the student to create the quilt top before the class. Class fee 200.00 includes longarm. One person per machine. Space is limited.

To learn more about my Studio classes Click here.