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Sheridan Kay Quilting


1. How should I prepare the quilt top?

Preparing your quilt top is easy! Clip all loose threads from the back. Press seams flat (open or to one side). Reinforce stitching around the perimeter of the quilt top so seams do not open up as the quilt is handled.

2. How should I prepare the backing fabric?

  • The backing fabric is the foundation of your quilt. Choose quality fabric! 
  • Seams should run horizontal or vertical. It's popular for quilters to piece designer backings however this may cause puckering so please allow us to discuss this when you are planning your quilt.
  • Press your backing fabric. For very stubborn creases such as fold lines, mist with water and press with a hot iron.
  • Remove the selvage edges on the interior part of the backing. It is fine to leave the selvages on the outside edge because it's a straight edge and that makes loading your quilt easier. 
  • Shorten your stitch length and press seams open.

3. How large does the batting and backing need to be?

Your batting and backing should be at least 4-6 inches larger on all sides. Fold your backing in quarters, lay on a flat surface, next layer the batting and finally your top. If you have a least 4 inches (6 is even better) showing around the quilt top, you are good to go! Do not pin these layers together, it is to check sizes only!

4. What are my batting choices?

We carry Quilter's Dream Batting in Cotton, Poly, Wool and others. 

5. May I bring my own thread?

You are welcome to bring your thread if you have a favorite color and wish that color be used on your quilt. Audition thread to see what looks best. We have the finest thread available (Superior and Fil-Tec) and it is designed for our application.

6. How much will it cost and what is the turn around?

The charges are based on the density of the quilting. Prices start at  .025 per square inch. Measure your quilt width and multiply it by the quilt length. That will give you the square inches. Multiply that by .025 to see the charge. There are other choices which we can discuss at the consultation.

Our turn around is usually less than 4 weeks but we like to allow ourselves a little wiggle room in case life happens. If you request we move your quilt up in line there will be a rush fee. Please try to plan well to avoid this.

7. What other costs should I be aware of?

We provide top thread and you provide the bobbin at a fee of $1.50 per bobbin. Sales tax is added. There's no service fee if you pay by check or cash and if you choose to pay by credit or debit card we will ask you to pay the 4% that the processor charges.

For more information call us, we are happy to help! 828-595-2296