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Sheridan Kay Quilting


Watch this video and learn more about IQ, you're going to be amazed!   Click this link

I am beyond excited to be part of the Intelliquilter Company! Intelliquilter is the after market computerized system that can be added to your machine. It provides exquisite detail and style to quilts you are sure to be proud of! Multitasking is easy! IQ will be the best investment you've made to your quilting life.

I have Intelliquilter available for you to try! Call for an appointment and you can be quilting on a dazzling computerized system before you know it!

We provide installation and training on the day of setup. In some cases we provide support virtually so an owner can do their own setup with assistance from us  by phone. Let me know if you have questions about the option of self setup.

Be sure to view my educational videos on You Tube.
Click this link to view informative and inspiring videos.

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