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Rental Information

Machine Quilting Class Information

Congratulations! You have taken a step forward! You may be wondering what in the world this is all about so here is a hint of what to expect.

I offer individual and group classes on how to use our APQS longarm machines. This is referred to as a certification class and is an introduction to longarm quilting. Included in this class are basic instructions to achieve a finished quilt. If you are a new or seasoned piecer, you will gain insight into how important your choices are in the overall process. Once you have completed this class you are certified to rent time on our machines! Assistance is always available!

List of what to bring to your Certification Class:

First of all, do not be worried if you don't have everything just right.

Long arm pins or flower head pins are needed to pin your backing to the zippers. (Yes, we have those).
Bring the project you plan to quilt at your first rental session. The backing, batting and quilt top should not be basted together. (We have backings and batting at the studio).

Backing fabric needs to be 4 inches wider on all sides than the quilt top. You will understand why at the class!
Do you need a snack? You are welcome to have food in the break area. Water is allowed by the machines.

If you are concerned about remembering everything that is mentioned in the class, don't be. We know this can be a "new language" and we will assist you when you need help. That's what we do! As you gain confidence we fade into the background.

More Classes...

The New Owner's Class is exactly what you think it is! A new owner receives a full day of training when they purchase an APQS machine. No need to worry about how to get started on your new journey,  we provide as much assistance as you desire. As an APQS representative, I am only a phone call away as you continue on your way. You also have the support of the APQS company and that is huge!

Intelliquilter is a computerized system that is easily attached to most longarm machines. It moves the machine with robotic perfection but you are the designer and controller of it's operation. Get ready to be amazed in a class designed to introduce you to the possibilities. Starting with pantographs and working your way into custom.

Free motion Classes require practice and will certainly allow you to speed up the process. Ask me how!

It's our pleasure to assist, inspire and open our studio for your creative journey, see you soon!

As you make progress, you may wish to take classes to advance your skills. I provide classes on creating a roadmap so you can bring your plans for the quilt into reality. Then there are stencils, rulers and templates...Oh My!